What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Aaah! So you're getting photos professionally taken together for the first time, and you want to make sure you look super cute, right?! While choosing the right outfits for your engagement session might sound like a daunting task, it's actually pretty simple! To help get the ideas flowing, I'm sharing my top 5 tips on what to wear, what to avoid, and how to dress in a way that makes you feel like a rockstar!

TIP #1: Dress to Impress!

I always tell my couples to dress up as if they are guests at a wedding. Why? Because when we dress up, we tend to feel more confident in the way we look. Shopping around for the perfect dress or suit can feel tedious, but doesn't it feel amazing when you find the that one that looks perfect on you?! 

Long flowing fabric always looks FAB in photographs. It catches the wind, allows for movement, and looks super flattering. For dresses, check out Lulu's or Show Me Your Mumu. Both companies make good bridesmaid dresses too! Wearing a well-fitted suit without the tie is a good way to make a dressed up outfit feel a bit more casual. You can rent a suit from The Black Tux or Friar Tux.


Match your belt to your shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean too. It looks sooooo good. I promise!

One of my favorite dresses ever worn to an engagement session was this Laure de Sagazan dress pictured above. It was simple, yet classic with a low cut back and cute lace cap sleeves.

TIP #2: Show Some Personality!

I love it when my couples embrace bold colors and outfits that just feel soooo them. Pops of color, like a pair of magenta heels or a brightly colored dress, will automatically make your photos feel more modern and fun. Outfits with floral prints always score mega points too. And fun sunglasses? Yes please!

PS: Dresses that have sheer fabric like the one pictured above will catch the light in the most beautiful way!

TIP #3: Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In!

This honestly should be tip #1, because this is really important. If you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing, it WILL show. Avoid anything that's too tight AND too baggy. If you can see your bra poking out a bit in the mirror, it's also going to show up in your photos. Clothes that fit you perfectly will look the best! Also, if dressing up isn't really you... Then don't! You can bring two outfits if you want! Choose one casual and one dressed up option. Variety is the spice of life anyways. :)

TIP #4: Avoid Graphics & Anything TOO Matchy

I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case... Please don't wear anything with graphics or texts. It's super distracting. The focus should be on you.. Not your favorite band. Equally, matching your outfits a little bit makes sense. However, dressing head to toe in the same color is not the most flattering choice. Contrasting colors actually work best! Think yellow & blue, magenta & green, and red & cyan. These are primary contrasting colors, and they look amazing when photographed together.

Pairing a light blue shirt with a yellow dress? It looks soooo good! Contrasting colors for the win! Check out their whole session here!

Tip #5: Ask for a Second Opinion!

Ask someone who will give you an honest opinion about the clothes you're thinking of wearing. You know who is really good at giving an honest opinion? A sister (at least mine are brutally honest) or a best friend. Another person who really, really knows what's going to photograph well or terribly is your photographer! I love it when couples ask me for my opinion or even e-mail options they are thinking of. 

Hopefully this was helpful! Go forth and look good, my friends!