Colony 29 Wedding

Colony 29 Wedding: Bryanna & Dane

This wedding is straight magic. Seriously. I'm already pretty obsessed with Palm Springs weddings, because, let's face it, Palm Springs is where you go to party and get away from LA... How can you NOT have an amazing wedding experience there?! But this wedding was something else completely. This wedding was vibrant, colorful, and... RAINY. When I talk about a wedding being magical, I'm definitely talking about well timed rain. Southern California definitely needs rain whenever it can get it, but on your wedding day?! And in Palm Springs??? That just doesn't happen. For better or worse, it rained on and off throughout Dane & Bryanna's wedding day, but these two just simply did not care. They were getting married, and that's all the really mattered. It was perfect. The colors at Colony 29 were even more vibrant. The rain held off for their outdoor ceremony, and their desert backdrop looked surprisingly lush. The rain brought a mood to the photographs and made their desert wedding so unique. Here's some of my favorite moments and details from this rainy wedding day!