Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding Venue Tour

Hummingbird Nest Ranch: Wedding Venue Tour

Hummingbird Nest Ranch is an absolutely stunning choice for a venue if you're looking for something pretty private, incredibly spacious, and perfectly scenic. Nestled in the Santa Susana mountains, the venue has flexible options for ceremony & reception spaces, which I absolutely love. It's a good space to get creative in, but also has all the necessary nuts and bolts (like pretty bridal suites) to keep wedding planning here pretty stress free. They even have houses available on the property to rent out for your event, which is AMAZING especially for couples who might have some out of town family members & friends they would like to have close by.


A couple weeks ago Jessica of Art & Soul Events and I did a walk through of the huge space to check it all out. We both agreed it lives up to its hype (and then some), and we can't wait to get back here again soon!

The Villa: Terrace 

When you arrive to the Villa at Hummingbird Nest Ranch, you're greeted by an iron gate the leads to the terrace, which is the most commonly used as the ceremony space for the Villa. The terrace offers a couple different back drop options, but my personal favorite is with the mountains in the background, which you can see below.

On the flip side, you'll see this gorgeous view of the villa with bougainvillea covered walls and cute doors.

Another ceremony backdrop option is in front the gazebo pictured below.

The Villa: Cocktail Area

After the ceremony, guests are invited to walk around the villa to the cocktail area. The backside of the villa is full of gorgeous photo opts and has so many amazing views for guests to enjoy!

The Villa: Fountain Area

This area is most commonly used for the reception space for the Villa... and it's freakin' stunning. I love the view over looking the mountains, and on the other side is a really grand view of the villa. When couples make their entrances into the reception, they can walk down the stairs to all their guests cheering them on below. 

Sitting Bull: Cobblestone Area

The Cobblestone area is most commonly used for receptions at the Sitting Bull, but it would make a gorgeous ceremony space as well. Hummingbird Nest Ranch has a lot of open spaces, which makes so many set-ups flexible. You can be really creative with what you want to do there!

Sitting Bull: Bridal Suite + Pool Area

Heeeeelloooo gorgeous bridal suite! This whole area is STUNNING, but I'm super into this pool outside of the bridal suite situation. 

Sitting Bull: Olive Grove

This area is usually used for ceremonies at the Sitting Bull. There are two options, which are right next to each other. One is a bit larger, so the space you chose would largely depend on your guest count.

Sitting Bull: Peppertree Lawn

Another ceremony or reception option at the Sitting Bull is the Peppertree Lawn. Seriously, y'all this place is huge and the options are endless.

Grand Prix

See also: Huge freakin' space of land with options for both ceremony or reception. 

The Barn

The Barn area offers a solid rain plan (because sometimes we get that in Cali!) and is the perfect space if you're going for a rustic glam vibe.

Guest Houses

Honestly, I wish I could rent out one of these guest houses and sip mimosas on the front porch. They are so cute! They also make a great getting ready space!

Thanks for the tour, Hummingbird Nest Ranch! Cheers!